What does Stage 3 Lockdown look like for Nanny Care – Covid-19

As most Australian states are discussing stage 3 lockdowns, we understand these are quite concerning, if not terrifying realities to our communities. Each state and territory managing their individual regions, please refer to the latest public health orders to your area. At this stage, the NSW and Victorian governments have released what this would look like and those who need to travel to care for children are still classified as essential services. Please see the links below and the advice your region.






Societal laws and health advice are changing rapidly. We encourage you to continue to have discussions with your employees in relations to the care of the children and the safety in your workplace and how these will be managed and compensated should the need for change occur.

Links below should assist in managing expectations and remaining focused on the obligations of both you and your employer in this changing economic environment. When having these discussions, stay informed with the current advice being delivered by Fair Work Australia. See the link below.


We understand everyone has individual needs, assessment requirements and family structures, this advice is of a general nature. We endeavour to keep you as informed as possible during this pandemic.