NDIS – Directly engaging your own staff

The Gold, Silver and Bronze Payroll Services specialising in domestic staff employment can also be used by families wanting assistance when directly employing staff using NDIS funding. Once you find your staff, we can assist with the setting up and employment management.

Source: www.ndis.gov.au

Direct employment of staff may give you the ultimate control over the people who work with you, the hours they work and the tasks that they perform. Direct employment is only an option if you self-manage your NDIS funding.

Being an employer requires you to accept responsibilities and meet certain legal and regulatory responsibilities, such as:
·       taxation
·       superannuation
·       insurance and
·       work health and safety

When you choose to establish yourself as an employer you will need:

·       Withholding Payer Number from the ATO
·       Insurance
·       Appropriate work health and safety arrangements
In compliance with applicable laws you will be responsible for:
·       Negotiating the rate of pay and conditions of the people who work for you
·       Withholding their tax and paying it to the ATO
·       Meeting superannuation requirements
·       Having appropriate workers compensation insurance
·       Paying wages on the due date

It is recommended that you speak with an accountant or business advisor before you start. You may choose to use a bookkeeper. The NDIS will consider whether it is reasonable and necessary to include this cost as part of your Plan if you want to do this.