Gold Payroll Services

The Nanny Tax Gold Payroll & Gold Extra Payroll services offer comprehensive nanny payroll packages, managing all salary & wage calculations and related administration including employment contracts.


The service  includes:
• Providing a draft employment contract compliant to the Miscellaneous Award and NES standards.
• Managing, registering and preparing all calculations and administration requirements.
• Registering you as an employer with the ATO and the nominated superannuation fund.
• Calculation of all weekly/fortnightly/monthly PAYG tax, superannuation, accrued  leave, allowances, deductions and payslips.
• Quarterly calculation and remittance of PAYG withholding tax and superannuation.
• Issue of end of year Payment Summaries to employees.
• Payment Summary Statements issued to ATO for the financial year.
• Maintaining employees file and lodging TFN form.
• Organise and manage workers compensation insurance.
• Provide human resources and industrial relations advice.
• Compliance with Single Touch Payroll.

• We let you how much is payable and how to arrange payment to your nanny, ATO, workers compensation and superannuation fund.

Charges for the Nanny Tax Gold start with an initial one-off set up fee of $220.00  with an ongoing monthly fee of $80.00 per month, allowing you to maintain, hold or stop the service based on your child care requirements.

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The Nanny Tax Gold Extra includes all the above PLUS, we pay your employee, make their superannuation contributions and tax payments to the ATO

Charges for the Nanny Tax Gold Extra, start with an initial one-off set up fee of $330.00  with an ongoing monthly fee of $125.00 per month. 

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All prices quoted are inclusive of GST.

There are no additional charges if you make changes to your employee’s contract, ask questions,  employee replacement or any other adjustments such as your nanny changing their nominated super fund. The service does not cover the cost of the  workers compensation insurance.

To discuss your situation and find out how we can assist, contact Domestic Payroll. 

For parents who want to manage their own payroll but don’t know where to start, try the DIY Nanny Tax Silver and Bronze services.